For a business owner, it is very important that he keeps the track of money incoming and outgoing. There has been the number of accounting software made that ease the work of business people. Xero is one such accounting software which is smooth in functioning, reliable in use and highly appreciable in results.

It works well and provides you with any or every type of service according to the nature of your business. Sometimes it may show some errors while processing your requests. You can easily get past those by following some simple instructions.

Two of the common errors are:

Error1 – ‘A validation exception occurred; Payments can only be made against Authorized documents; Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document.’

What does this mean?

  • This may indicate that your payment was wrongly applied like someone has tried to apply for payment with an invoice with the status ‘DRAFT’ or if the invoice to be paid was generated without a unit amount or quantity specified, generating to a $0 amount invoice.


  • You can contact our helpdesk for more details on how to resolve this issue and do the changes in your recipe accordingly.

Error2 – A validation exception occurred. The invoice you are trying to allocate to have already been paid off. Credit note cannot be allocated the amount is greater than the amount outstanding.

What does this mean?

  • This error comes in picture when a credit and/or payment in want to sync to Xero, however, a credit or a payment is already applied to the bill in Xero.


  • Confirm that nothing has been applied to the bill. In case a payment or credit has been applied, please disregard and try to sync again.
  • In case you don’t want the payment to sync or for any other problem, you can come to us via call or chat.

For all your queries, we give remote assistance and we are available 24/7. The team is aware of the related issues and their solutions and so you can reach to them at any time.